Got my thanks but no thanks letters from the uni yesterday...

Back to the drawing board
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I have 2 interviews for jobs at CSU. One on the 3rd for systems programmer at Bathurst, and one on the 9th for Systems and Infrastructure Officer at Orange. Does this bode well for our gobsmaked hero? I'll let you know.
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cow gone?

I will drive 500 miles...

Ooooooo... This weeks schedule. OF DOOOM!!!!!

City/Suburb Install Start Date Installation Completion Date
Coonamble Tue 31/05/05 Tue 31/05/05
Coonamble Tue 31/05/05 Tue 31/05/05
Baradine Wed 01/06/05 Wed 01/06/05
Coonabarabran Thu 02/06/05 Thu 02/06/05
Gulargambone Fri 03/06/05 Fri 03/06/05

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Yay for employment. Part 2

1200 km travelled in 2 days = $110
Accomadation for a night = $25
Roo brains and sizeable dint in my car = Priceless

PH33R my job! Because i do. and they want us to go out to Gilgandra today, so thats another 200 k's round trip. So, needless to say, i am 100% fucked
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Yay for employment

Boo for job location...

Put simply, im installing computers for the Department of Education and Training, as part of the new computer rollout thingy. Tommorow i get to travel 300 odd kilometers and install PCs at Brewarina, which is about an hours drive from Bourke.

Yay me :S
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And so it ends...

Well, today marked the end of the past three years of my life. Today I graduated from Uni. And it feels odd, to tell the truth. I guess I have to be a 'contributing member of society' now...

Today was good though, got to see some people I havnt seen or talked to in months, which is a bit sad really. I'm going to have to try and stay in touch with everyone. The ceremony was very... ceremonial :P The guest speaker at the end was very interesting, about the UN, its role in the world over the past 60 years, and it's future. And of course the obligatory USA bashing ;)
After the ceremony we (My family and I) had lunch with Neil and his family, Chris, Sally and Duncan at Cafe Mitchell. I'm fairly sure everone enjoyed themselves, I know I did, the food was good, and afterwards we all just talked about, well, everything.

And now I'm back home, after a 3 hour, very boring, drive. I'll have to get the camera later, and post up some pictures that the parents took today. But that can wait till tommorow. Or maybe the day after :P
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I have a what journal account?

Well, its been a long time indeed since i last posted anything on here, and for good reason. My life is boring, more so then watching paint dry. But a few things have happened recently, I finished uni, got 2 passes and 2 credits, which is more then I was expecting, and of course Xmas did its thing, got a new video card, which sparked its own epic saga. It wouldnt work with my motherboard, so $100 and a complete system rebuild later i've ended up with virtually a new computer. I also got a wireless keyboard and mouse, which have their own special issues. Lately though, I've been playing World of Warcraft, which Neil bough for me, and my life has turned into little more the periods when I'm playing WoW, and periods when i could be playing, which on reflection, is really sad. For anyone whose interested, I'm on Dreanor, and have 2 characters, Melenda, a human mage, and Morin, a dwarf hunter. Still dont have a job, mainly because I havn't been looking, and the fact that I really have no idea just what it is I do...
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